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Fingers and Puppets

I spent last night knitting in bed while listening to a podcast accompanied by gentle, persistent rain. This alpaca yarn smells so good! Now that the fingers are made I’m zipping along on the main hand section. Josh took me shopping in the Song Shang District last night. I did not bring enough socks with me so stocked up. Check […]

New Knucks, New Bread

Taiwan gets chilly in the winter so I figured a good first project would be a new pair of Knucks. I’ve made this pattern many times and highly recommend it. Knucks make great gifts but these ones will be for me. For the yarn I’m going with this beautiful hand dyed skein from Foothills Yarn & Fiber in their Peacock colorway. […]

Hello world!

I’m living a new life so it’s time for a new blog. I envision this will be a place for sewing, knitting and gluten free cooking. Plus I’m in the midst of writing a book! Formosa Moon due out in 2018 by Things Asian Press.