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Creative Mending

Creative Mending

My Creative Mending class is my favorite class to teach. Students bring in clothing in various states of disrepair and we find creative ways to fix the problem. Beth brought in this mohair sweater that had multiple moth holes. The pencils are pointing out two holes.

I found some mohair woven fabric that coordinated nicely. The class collaborated and we decided to cut out 1″, 2″ and 3″ squares to patch the sweater.

There were so many holes that she had to finish this project at home.

Thankfully she brought it back in to show me the transformation!

Not only is her sweater repaired it is now a unique item of clothing. I’m so happy for her.

Do you have clothes in need of repair? Contact the Pendleton Center for the Arts to sign up for my next Creative Mending class.


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