Crochet Flower Ring

An earlier version of this tutorial was published on Think Crafts!

Winter is here but you can still keep summer blooms alive with this crochet flower ring.



Yarn (Whatever type reminds you of summer)
Crochet Hook (Appropriate for chosen yarn)
Yarn needle

CO: Cast on
Ch: Chain
SC: Single crochet
DC: Double crochet
BO: Bind off
CO: Cast off
*: Repeat instructions between ** symbols

CO enough stitches to make a 5” chain, ending with an odd numbered stitch.

ROW 1: CH 4, *DC, CH2, skip stitch* until end of row, ending with a DC.

ROW 2: CH2 , *SC 1, SC 4 around CH stitches*, ending with a SC.

ROW 3: SC until end of row.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail.

Curl piece around itself to make a spiral shape. Sew into place using tail.

Sew on button in center of flower.

Cut a piece of elastic to fit snug around your finger. Sew ends together and then sew onto bottom of flower.

Weave in ends.

Wear on a cold day to remind yourself that warmer temperatures will return.

Craft on!

Author: Stephanie

Stephanie Huffman is a writer and fiber artist living in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BS in Theater Arts from Portland State University and a Masters of Art from National Chengchi University. Her work focuses on comedy, culture and puppetry.

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