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Product Information

Handmade Monsters

Twilly23 creates whimsical personal and home accessories made from upcycled materials. With our designs, we create joy and inspiration by reducing, reusing and remaking textiles into cherished collectibles.

Our products are designed and created by the company owner Stephanie Huffman. All products are made with as much upcycled materials as possible. Starting in Fall 2022, all items are made using solar power.

Warning: Twilly23 products contain small parts. They are not intended for children under 5 years of age. Use with adult supervision only.

DIY Cat Plushie Kit
These kits contain all the supplies and instructions you need to make yourself a cat plushie.

Twilly Monsters

Knit Monster Plushie
Grrrr, it’s a monster! They may have fangs but don’t worry-these handmade plushies are friendly and will make a happy addition to your home.

Monster Purse -Baby Monster
Awww-it’s a baby monster! They may have teeth but these little purses won’t bite. Instead they’ll hold your accessories.

Owl Plushie
Wooo, wooo, who’s this? It’s your new owl friend, perfect for watching over your shoulder while reading or for sitting on a high shelf.

Sweater Saver Plushie
Sweater Savers are handmade satchels filled with cedar chips. Snuggle them next to your sweaters or hang in a closet. Cedar chips help keep pesky moths away.

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