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Summer Spinning

Summer Spinning

Summer in Eastern Oregon was pretty intense this year, as it was in a lot of Oregon, even Portland. Yet I managed to get some spinning down thanks to our basement. These skeins are a ply of Pancake and Lulu roving and Plotulopi yarn that Josh brought me back from Iceland years ago.


Plying the two together gave me 122 yards. I have plenty of Plotulopi  left for future projects. My goal was consistency in plying. Though the thickness ranges between DK and Bulky, much of the skeins are Aran. The colors remind me of Eastern Oregon, especially this summer.

These skeins will likely go into a fiber art piece. It’s been several years since I have created art but I jumped back in last year along with spinning. Currently I have three pieces in progress.

Yarn: Eastern Oregon
Source: 4 oz Falkland Wool roving, 100 g Plotulopi yarn
Yardage: 122.0 yards
Spun: July 2021/August 2021
Colorway: Orange, peach


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