Crochet Flower Ring

An earlier version of this tutorial was published on Think Crafts!

Winter is here but you can still keep summer blooms alive with this crochet flower ring.



Yarn (Whatever type reminds you of summer)
Crochet Hook (Appropriate for chosen yarn)
Yarn needle

CO: Cast on
Ch: Chain
SC: Single crochet
DC: Double crochet
BO: Bind off
CO: Cast off
*: Repeat instructions between ** symbols

CO enough stitches to make a 5” chain, ending with an odd numbered stitch.

ROW 1: CH 4, *DC, CH2, skip stitch* until end of row, ending with a DC.

ROW 2: CH2 , *SC 1, SC 4 around CH stitches*, ending with a SC.

ROW 3: SC until end of row.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail.

Curl piece around itself to make a spiral shape. Sew into place using tail.

Sew on button in center of flower.

Cut a piece of elastic to fit snug around your finger. Sew ends together and then sew onto bottom of flower.

Weave in ends.

Wear on a cold day to remind yourself that warmer temperatures will return.

Craft on!

Lotus Flowers


Now that we’re back in the States I have time to knit again. My long term lotus flowers project reached a milestone. I’ve completed knitting the petals and have 149. Next up will be finding a lotus leaf pattern. I may tweak an existing pattern, much like I did with the petals.


Eventually I’ll sew these all together in various groupings and they’ll float on a blue knit afghan. But first I’m working through my knitting stash. The yarn I currently have traveled with me to and back from Taiwan! This lotus project was inspired by the beautiful lotus ponds I frequently saw there.


One thing I missed while overseas was having a full sized oven. I’m back to gluten free baking. The above chocolate chip cherry biscottis were delicious.

Petals, Pillows and Pizza


My flower petals are coming along. This is a long term art piece that will take months to complete. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year.


My internship at the Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theater Museum is enjoyable. I’m currently making pillows to protect the puppet heads.


This marionette puppet now has a protective cushion in case of an earthquake. As I put the pillows in place I get to see the gorgeous collection up close which is a real treat.

Speaking of treats, there’s an abundance of delicious food in Taiwan but there’s one thing I’ve been missing-pizza. I’ve only had gluten free pizza here once, back when we were visiting Taitung. I haven’t found a place in Taipei selling it so Josh and I experimented in the kitchen. Behold the gluten free goodness!


The crust was a mixture of white rice, potato starch and corn starch. We added enough wet ingredients until the dough was actually stretchy. It was scrumptious and completely satisfied my pizza cravings.

New knitting project and a screenprint bag


Oh the joy of a new knitting project! I’m creating an art installation piece to hang over our loft railing.


This is a lotus flower petal. I’ll be making as many as I can and then assembling them into flowers. I wrote a pattern based on several I found on Ravelry. Most likely I’ll make I-cord out of green yarn for the stems connecting them together.

I got to take a screenprint workshop this week and made this print featuring Taiwanese food.


It’s been years since I last screenprinted. Thank you My Taiwan and In Blooom-it was fun!