Spinning Karma

I’m so proud to share that Josh’s novel is published! It’s available for purchase through the publisher Camphor Press or at Amazon.

Spinning Karma
A reluctant American spiritual leader,
A fake viral video,
A media-driven propaganda war between America and China that spirals out of control.
Spinning Karma is the East-Collides-With-West farce the world needs – and deserves – now.
Order it today from Camphor Press

“I heartily recommend this cynical and funny book! If you don’t read it the winds of change shall destroy your serenity (or something of that nature).”
~ Eddie Pepitone, The Bitter Buddha

Can a New Age guru save his cult without losing his soul?

In an ill-conceived effort to bring his once-popular meditation group and its teachings back into the limelight, Rinpoche Edward Schwartz heads to Taiwan to fabricate an improvised “religious oppression” video – starring a group of clueless language students who think they’re taking part in an English conversation class.

The video goes viral and the scheme succeeds beyond Schwartz’s wildest expectations, triggering a media-driven propaganda war between the United States and China that spirals out of control.

Before long, everybody from spiritual seekers in China and America to the Chinese government itself wants a piece of Schwartz’s cult – and of Schwartz himself.

It has been such a pleasure witnessing this book come to life. I got to read earlier drafts and have enjoyed watching it transform into the polished final version. Josh finished this book while we were housesitting in Boston and we would discuss it while walking the owner’s dogs in the nearby cemetery. Spinning Karma is a very funny book that satirizes New Age spirituality and world politics. I highly recommend it!

Vote 2020!

My great grandmother Flo was a suffragette. I’m told that men hit her with brooms as she marched for the right to vote. One threw a brick that struck her head. And yet she persisted.

This year the phrase “the most important election in our lifetime” has been popping up almost everywhere I look. And while this election is absolutely vital, I also think every election is important.

By all means please register and vote in this presidential election. But also I implore you to vote in all elections that you can. Minor elections may seem unimportant but they have small ripple effects that over time, and combined with others, can create huge waves of change.

Politics start in your home and in your neighborhood. I encourage you to get involved in your local community. You could join your local neighborhood association. Josh and I have and recently had the opportunity to hear our local state senator speak and got our questions answered by the current Portland mayor candidates.

And please take jury duty. Getting out of jury duty is an old joke that conveys an ugly truth. People like to bitch about politics rather than participate. Jury duty is a direct way to make change. (Read a definition of jury nullification here.)

Need more information on how to register or where to vote? Portland bookstore Two Rivers put together a resource guide. (Oregon info is first, generalized info second.)

Election 2020 – Resources for Voting and Getting Involved