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Stephanie Huffman is a fiber artist currently living in Eastern Oregon. Her art incorporates knitting, felting and hand spinning. Frequent themes include goddess imagery and natural landscapes. Repurposing textiles is an integral part of her creative process.

A friend taught Stephanie how to crochet in 2000 and she’s been hooked on textile crafts ever since. Knitting soon followed, then spinning, and finally needle felting and sewing joined the team. At this point, there is no part of the fiber art industry that Stephanie hasn’t tried. This artist thrives on learning new techniques and re-creating them in her own unique way.

DESIGNS – Knitting Patterns and DIY Sewing Kits

I design knitting patterns and DIY sewing kits. You may purchase my designs here:

Etsy Store

Ravelry Store

My free designs and tutorials can be found here.

If you make my designs please email me photos or tag me on social media. Use this hashtag to be featured on my site: #Twilly23


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