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A Return To Spinning

A Return To Spinning

I got the most wonderful present for Solstice last year. This beauty is an Ashford Kiwi 3 and a double treadle, my favorite. It’s been years since I’ve spun and I’m ecstatic to be back at the wheel again. She’s a gem to spin and I’ve named her Arachne. She’ll help me strive for greatness. And remind me to humble myself before the crafty gods!

Four ounces of Corriedale Wool roving made for a smooth return. Spinning singles came back pretty quickly. Plying was a struggle at first and I put too much twist into the yarn.

A yarn bath and some whacks against the tub took a lot of extra spin out. This is mostly a worsted weight though it ebbs and flows between DK and Aran in spots. Still, after five years away I think this skein turned out fabulously.

Yarn: Anew
Source: 4 oz Corriedale Wool roving
Yardage: 89.0 yards
Spun: Dec 2020/Jan 2021
Colorway: Natural


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