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A Surprise Gift

A Surprise Gift

A few months ago I received a surprise offer of a free loom. As a knitter and spinner, I was instantly intrigued. Years ago I dabbled in weaving with a table loom. It was enjoyable but I was in school at the time so I still learning to spin so didn’t explore weaving very deeply. Thinking this new loom would be a similar size, I said yes before asking any clarifying questions. The woman getting rid of the loom asked me to meet her at her house so she could show it to me.

When I arrived at her place she took me to her barn. That was when I realized what exactly I had agreed to take: a full size, eight heddle floor loom. Not only was the loom free but her husband offered to load it up in his truck and delivery it. How could I say no? Josh to his credit was quite the good sport. Shocked at first, he was the one who suggested we keep it in the living room. It’s certainly a conversation piece!

It is an older Gilmore Loom and is still in pretty good shape. After cleaning and polishing it I was ready to learn. I really bit off way more than I could chew! Thankfully a weaving friend came over and taught me how to warp the loom.

I decided to weave a sample piece. All sorts of material is in this piece-thin, thick, acrylic, wool, novelty yarn. The point was to learn how different yarns acted woven up. It was really fun to do and I learned a lot.

And the finished piece makes a gorgeous scarf! I love how unique this piece turned out. My next piece will also be a sample. I’m going to experiment with the warp, making patterns by lifting different heddles at different times. This loom is by far one of the most unique, and large, gift I’ve ever received. I’m humbled and grateful.


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