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Art of the Gift

Art of the Gift

I’m happy to announce that Twilly23 plushies are now for sale in at the Pendleton Arts Center. Additionally, they are part of the PCA’s holiday event Art Of The Gift. One of my cat plushies is even featured on the poster!

If you’re in Eastern Oregon, stop on by for some great holiday gifts. The space is overflowing with gorgeous and unique items from talented local artists. Josh and I went for opening night and came home with a beautiful metal sculpture that was locally made. By buying from local artisans, you are reducing the supply chain and supporting small businesses.

When you buy one of my plushies your are also supporting upcycling. Twilly23 plushies are made from felted sweaters that are saved from going to the landfill. Other parts such as buttons, ribbons and yarn are also upcycled.


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