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Art Progress

Art Progress

Begin Again is buzzing along. I’ve added building details from beads I had in my stash. A friend gave me some sparkly embroidery thread and it was just what I needed. The inspiration originally After I finish detailing the buildings I’ll work on the sky. Maybe it will be done after that? Time will tell!

My artwork Find Your Way is close to being finished. It still needs…something. Maybe more beads or some sparkly embroidery? I’m not sure. For now, I hung it back on our bedroom room until I figure it out. The weaving part is definitely finished and I’m really happy with how lovely my handspun yarn looks. By far this is one of my most abstract pieces.

I’m slowly turning my living room into a fiber forest. My fiber sculpture Cervus Euphoria lives in the room as he’s part of this larger scale art project. I imagine that our fireplace is actually a large tree with a special magic hole for the fire. On either side of the woodstove are bookshelves that I see as branches of the tree. I’m currently making willow branches out of upcycled yarn. When finished they will hang over the books from curtain rods.


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