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Autumn Rose Yarn

Autumn Rose Yarn

These skeins are my latest handspun. July is too hot to spin most nights so I’m happy to have gotten these done before the temps got too high.

This roving came from my Pancake and Lulu fiber club subscription. I wasn’t thrilled with this particular palette so I experimented with plying. The orange yarn ply makes the colors pop more than the blue ply.

This time I tried to focus on consistency in thickness. These skeins vary from Worsted to Aran. I’m not sure what to do with this yarn. For now I’m just adding it to my handspun stash.

Yarn: Autumn Rose
Source: 4 oz Falkland Wool roving
Yardage: 175 yards
Spun: Spring/Summer 2022
Colorway: Pink, orange, blue


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