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Back to my roots

Back to my roots

2022 was my 10 year anniversary of leaving my old life. Since Life 2.0 started I have often wondered who I am now. When I first left, I tried so many new things-rock climbing, belly dancing, aerial yoga, fondue. Last year I found myself looking back, wondering if I still loved the things I did before the X years.

When I was in 5th grade I joined band. I loved it immediately and played through the 12th grade. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child but playing in a band with a large group of people was one of my favorite activities. Marching band was an utter joy. Making moving, visual patterns while playing music? Yes please!

Fast forward to Oregon. Our house came with a piano. It dates back to 1939 so we believe it to be the original owners. Josh plays a fabulous free form vibe which inspired me to teach myself how to play. Reading music came back so quickly I started thinking about the clarinet again. Could I still play? Would I still love it?

Thankfully our town has a great music store. I rented a clarinet and picked it back up quicker than anticipated. My fingers remembered the notes before my brain could access the information.

With the new year I decided to make it official and bought the clarinet as a birthday present to myself. I wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday for many years so decided after a decade of healing I’d buy myself something extra special.

It seems fitting that 2022 brought me back home to the clarinet and a second return to theatre, two passions I had pre-X. (2014 saw my first return to theatre via PSU.) I don’t know where playing music again will take me. Maybe it will just be a little hobby. Maybe I’ll get to play in a band again someday. Regardless, it feels wonderful to be playing again.


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