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Cat Fur Needle Case

Cat Fur Needle Case

A version of this pattern was previously published on Think Crafts! If you’re a cat owner you know how much fur cats can shed. My cat Ursula is a long haired cat who enjoys brushing every day. One day I pulled fur off of her brush and tried needle felting it. It felted wonderfully so I decided to make something out of her fur. This tutorial will show you how to felt your cat’s fur and turn it into a needle case.




Cat brush
Needle Felting Tool
Needle Felting Mat
Wool (if you don’t have a cat)


Brush your cat until you fill up your cat brush.

Peel off the fur from the brush. If you filled up the brush, the fur has already felted some on its own.

Store the strips of cat fur until you have enough. I started with seven brushfuls though the finished case used twice as much.

Using the needle tool and mat, needle felt the cat fur together. Using the rectangular mat naturally creates a rectangular shape, perfect for the sides of your new needle case.

Continue felting cat fur together until the case sides are the desired thickness.

Since the brushfuls of cat fur aren’t even, add bits of cat fur until your case sides have an even thickness.

Cut felted shapes into a more defined rectangle shape.

I used my older needle case as a template.

After cutting one case side, use it to make a duplicate.

Smooth out the edges by needle felting around the sides once more.

Sew the two case sides together along one long edge.

This seam holds the two sides together while the binding and liner are sewn on.

Cut a length of felt to create a spine for your case.

Make the spine an inch or so longer on each end. The ends are hidden by the liner.

Sew the felt onto the fur case to create the spine.

After spine is sewn into place, cut out a shape to match the case when it’s lying open.

Sew on the liner felt to the fur case.

The liner will hold your needles.

With a different color thread, sew a running stitch down the case spine. This will be a flower stem.

Sew small stems at an angle up the spine.

The main flower stem stitches go through to the other side of the liner. The smaller stems are not sewn in as deep so they do not show on the other side.

Create flowers by sewing in several small stitches in a different color.

Sew on a strip of elastic onto the middle of the spine. I used ⅛” wide elastic.

The length of your elastic will depend on your case’s thickness. Make it long enough to wrap around the case and add ½” to the length so you can sew on the ends overlapping.

Wrap elastic around your case to keep it closed.

Now you have a needle case made out of upcycled fur.

Craft on!


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