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Cervus Euphoria

Cervus Euphoria

I’m so grateful we moved back to Oregon. One major reason is that settling down has enabled me to return to my fiber art roots. This is my most recent piece. He is named Cervus Euphoria, Latin for Deer Euphoria, to reflect the joy it creates.

Last summer I found a paper mache deer at an estate sale for $5. Of course I had to take it home!

A funny side note-I was on foot so carried the deer home. As I walked by one of the local restaurants a group of people noticed and one quipped “Oh Dear!” That started an impromptu game of deer related puns. We all had a good laugh.

The deer sat in our living room for a few weeks while I decided what to do. My first step was to spray paint him yellow. That was an upgrade but not exactly what I wanted. However, it did inspire me to keep the antlers yellow.

I had recently reviewed a pompom maker for Think Crafts so pompoms were on the brain. Though I could have bought premade ones I knew I had to make them all myself. Besides I wanted the deer to have ALL the colors. All of the yarn came from my fiber stash, most of which came from thrift stores and donations.

At first I made 200 pompoms and hot glued them on. They were definitely not enough. I made another 200 and came to the same conclusion. How many pompoms did it take? In total-657! I wrapped the antlers in yellow yarn. The hooves are covered in black felt, the ears in purple.

I love this little deer so much. Cervus Euphoria resides in our living room which is slowly transforming into a Fiber Forest.

Name: Cervus Euphoria
Genre: Sculpture
Technique: Pompom making, glue gun attachment
Size: 32.5″ H x 9″ W x 31.5″ D
Created: 2021


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