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Copy Cat PJ Pants

Copy Cat PJ Pants

A version of this pattern was previously published on Think Crafts!

Have an old pair of pajama pants that you can’t throw away? This tutorial will show you how to copy the pattern so you can create an updated version. An added benefit of this tutorial is that you can easily make a secret gift by borrowing the recipient’s PJ’s, copying the pattern, and then returning their pants without them knowing you’re making them a present.



Old pair of PJ pants
Fabric pins
Fabric scissors
Seam ripper
Tape measure
Fabric marker
Safety pin


Examine the original PJs to understand how they were constructed. Mine were four pieces of fabric sewed together to make two legs with a folded over top with a strip of fabric to tie closed.

Fold the original PJ in half and place over scrap fabric. I used an old pillowcase to make a template.

Draw an outline of the pants leg onto the fabric. Be sure to include seam allowance.

Using a template saves time and assures every piece is the exact size needed.

After cutting out the template, place on top of fabric and cut out required pieces.

Line up the pants legs and pin into place. First the outer seams were sewn and then the inseams.

I used a straight edge first and then used a zigzag stitch over the seam allowance.

The inner seam is now ready to be sewn.

The inner seam connects the two pant legs together.

Fold up the bottom cuffs and sew into place. You can try on the pants yourself or use the original PJs to get the correct length.

As you are creating the new pants, periodically compare the new pants to the original pair. Can you see my mistake?

I forgot to include seam allowance for the top band!

To correct this I cut out a thin strip of fabric and sewed it into place.

I sewed the strip onto the top of the pants.

Before sewing down completely, I created two buttonholes for the tie. If you are out of practice on making buttonholes like I was, practice making one on a scrap piece of fabric first.

I handsewed the flap over to make the stitches invisible on the outer side of the pants.

While I could have sewed a visible seam, I felt hand sewing gave a more finished look.

Attach a safety pin to one end of your tie, for my pants I used ribbon, and guide through the upper band.

Tie into a cute bow. Alternatively, you could insert elastic instead.

Now your copy cat PJ pants are complete. Wear them yourself or wrap them up to give to that special someone.

Craft on!


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