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Finding Nemo Jr.

Finding Nemo Jr.

This summer I got to do costumes for another College Community Theatre production. Finding Nemo Jr. is a staged version of the Disney movie designed for kids.

I made some of the costumes like Marlin’s and Nemo’s costumes above. Early on we decided to have the kids participate in the production side as well. They got to make their own tie dye shirts to wear as costumes. Campers also made paper mache fish puppets and turtle hats.

At night I went over the puppet props, patching up the paper mache, attaching puppet sticks and adding googly eyes. But the details are the campers’ own design. I would have loved this camp as a kid.

Additionally, I created jellyfish by hot gluing paper streamers on to umbrellas. They looked fantastic on stage!

Go! Magazine gave our camp a nice write up here:
Youth present ‘Finding Nemo Jr’


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