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Hula Hoop Loom

Hula Hoop Loom

Years ago, I had a small table loom that I used to dip my toes into the weaving world. It was fun but I was in college so just didn’t have the time to explore it deeply. In December I started a new art project. This hula hoop had been sitting in the back of my craft closet for months. Winter seemed a perfect time to pull it out and begin something new. First I crocheted around it to disguise the hoop and to give a textured base for the warp.

Ursula loves my weaving and has taken several naps on it to put in her kitty goodness. For this piece I am weaving with my handspun yarn. Some of this yarn is from years ago when I was new to spinning. One of the yarns I had named “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off.” I had spun it in 2011, during a particularly miserable time. Weaving it into this new art is extremely moving. Holding it now, it’s as if I’m touching that past me, comforting her in a way. Somehow this piece tells past me that things will get better.

This weaving also has more recently spun yarn in it. Combining the older and newer handspun plays on my portal theme-this theme connects the different art works throughout the house. After the weaving is finished I’ll move on to embroidery. This weaving is more abstract than my past work. To me it looks like a snapshot of space. I’ve named this piece Find Your Way. It’s a song by one of my new favorite bands Rising Appalachia.


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