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Knitting WIPs

Knitting WIPs

More knit monsters are coming to life. Soon I’ll have enough to put up in my shop. More details on that soon!

Back in February I was all set to knit this sweater. I knit some swatches, got gauge and then promptly moved onto other pursuits. This was the same month that a gift loom arrived so that could definitely be the reason. While Eastern Oregon is currently roasts in the latest heatwave, I’ve dove back into this wooly project.

Turns out mitered squares are super easy to make. They have been on my “to learn” list for years but I never got around to it. This pattern made them easy to learn and the sweater construction is really interesting. I try to do one or two squares a night. I’m using Noro Ito. The colors and color changes are magnificent! This is my first sweater in eight years and the first sweater in our new home so I’m naming it Reborn.


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