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Lotus Flowers… Assemble

Lotus Flowers… Assemble

We’ve been getting intense temps in Oregon. It was 110 today! Josh and I have been surviving thanks to a small window AC and Marvel movies. Despite the heat, I’ve gotten some knitting progress made. My blue blanket is finished and was an utter joy to knit. (Except I didn’t weave in my ends as I went. Lesson learned!) This is the Ten Stitch Blanket (Ravelry link) and it makes a great zombie knit. Plus the entire blanket is made with scrap yarn. After finishing the blanket, I crocheted centers for my lotus flowers and then sewed them together.

I started the petals in 2017 back when we were living in Taiwan. At the time I planned to connect the flowers via I-cord. As the project deepened I realized I wanted them floating on a knit pond. Next up I am creating a lotus leaf to pair with the flowers. But in the meantime…

Granola came back into our home. He’s living with us again and it’s great.

Ursula was wary at first but is warming up to him.


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