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Monster Purse RAWR!

Monster Purse RAWR!

My old monster purse was retired in 2021. It had been with me for at least five years, even traveling with me to Taiwan. The Twilly23 store will soon have monster purses for sale. But first I had to make an adult sized prototype.

I based the updated design on the old purse. Since I generally keep my prototypes I decided to go with a color I normally don’t wear-neon green.

Purse pockets are a must and my design has two. Plus a secret pen pocket!

For Twilly23 items I try to upcycle as much material as possible. Fun fur generally has to be purchased new. But felt, buttons and liner fabric is typically thrifted. This monster fabric however is new. The print looks like my logo so I couldn’t resist.

Granola loves this type of fabric and likes to take naps on my purse. Maybe he needs a new cat bed?


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