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Oregon Wildfires

Oregon Wildfires

It’s been an intense week for Oregon. Wildfires have ravaged this state-towns have literally been burned to the ground and thousands of residents are displaced. Josh and I shaken but are doing ok. Portland never got an evacuation notice. But our air was hazardous for days on end and the sky was a sickly yellow. The above photo is Josh getting ready to walk to the grocery store.

Thank you to our family and friends who checked in-it really helped! People have asked what they could do and at the time my only answer was to send rain. We did get rain thank the gods and the fires are dying down.

Now I have a new answer. The Portland Mercury has compiled a list of organizations that need donations. That list can be viewed here.

If you can, please donate. This has been a catastrophic week and many people and animals are in dire need. Thank you.


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