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Picture Frame Earrings Display

Picture Frame Earrings Display

A version of this pattern was previously published on Think Crafts!

Want a creative way to display your earrings? Display them as art in a picture frame. Use your favorite fabric to show a design or pick a certain shade to compliment your room.

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Frame -Depending on your aesthetic you can choose a metal, wooden or plastic frame
Mesh or lace fabric


Pick out a frame that can be hung on the wall. I found a matching pair at a thrift store for mine.

Remove the frame backing and glass from the frame. My frames had little metal tabs that I needed to fold out of the way. Recycle glass.

Place the frame backing on top of mesh or lace fabric. Cut a matching shape out of the fabric with an inch border.

Wrap fabric around the back of the frame backing and tape into place. Alternatively, you can glue fabric into place.

For those using tape-make sure you grab another pair of scissors to cut your tape. Never use your fabric scissors!

Put the frame backing back into the picture frame. If your frame has metal tabs, bend them back into place.

Hang your new earring display frame on a wall and hang up your earrings.

The mesh or lace fabric is wonderfully suited for hook earrings.

I hung my pair near my closet so I can easily coordinate my accessories with my clothes. You can add some hooks with adhesive backing to hang your necklaces as well.

A picture frame earrings display shows off your jewelry collection in a fashionable way.

With a jewelry box it’s easy to forget about items if you don’t regularly look in every drawer. Now you’ll be able to peruse your collection all at once.

Craft on!


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