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T-shirt Skirt

T-shirt Skirt

A version of this pattern was previously published on Think Crafts!

T-shirts are a great material for upcycling projects. Bright, bold colors make a fun combination for a unique skirt. Thrift stores generally have lots of t-shirts in various colors, often with logos. This tutorial will show you how to create a 2T sized skirt.



Multiple t-shirts
Seam Ripper
Sewing Pins
Safety pins


Gather up some t-shirts. You can save your old ones or find some funky styles at a thrift store. This bag was from a local garage sale.

Look for unique designs or colors. I made this skirt for a friend’s two year old so chose bright colors and cute designs.

Select your t-shirts and then cut them apart along the seams. This will give you two sections of fabric.

Cut off the sleeves, necklines and tags. Save the sleeves as they make excellent pockets.

To save yourself time, make a template out of a t-shirt. I chose a stained t-shirt to make a template since it wouldn’t be upcycled. For a size 2T skirt I made my template 6.5” wide at the top, 9” at the bottom and 13” long.

Cut out five panels. For my skirt I made each panel a different color.

Sew panels together on the long sides. Then fold over the top for the elastic band and fold over the bottom for the hem.

Using a Serger gives the skirt a more professional finish. If you don’t have one you can sew the skirt with a straight stitch and then use a zig zag stitch to hold the seams together.

Sew the top band down most of the way, leaving a two inch opening. I used 20” of elastic for a 2T sized skirt. Thread elastic through opening with a safety pin. Sew elastic together and then sew opening closed.

T-shirt sleeves make great pockets. One edge is already hemmed which can be used for the pocket opening. I made my pocket 7” x 7”.

After sewing pocket onto skirt, make a bow out of cute ribbon. Tying the ribbon around a chopstick is an easy way to make a bow.

Sew bow onto pocket. I attached my pocket between two panels because I liked how it looked. Place pocket wherever you like.

Cut loose threads.

This skirt was a hit with the parents and their little girl.

Craft on!


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