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Yarn Memory Jar

Yarn Memory Jar

A version of this pattern was previously published on Think Crafts!

Knitting and sewing both create lots of fiber scraps. Instead of throwing them away, why not upcycle them? A pretty glass jar lets you display fiber scraps of your past projects. This tutorial will show you how to create your own yarn memory jar.

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Glass jar
Goo Gone (or another adhesive remover product)


A medium to large sized jar works great for this project as long as it’s clear. For my jar I picked an empty jar with a neck and cork stopper.

Peel off any labels. If there’s glue residue left use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone to remove it.

After the jar is dry you’re ready to begin.

Save your yarn scraps and put them into the jar.

This strip of fleece is from my Copy Cat PJ Pants project.

If you’re using a bottle with a long neck you might have to dangle the yarn or use a chopstick to insert the fiber.

Gather up thread ends from your sewing projects for your memory jar. This bundle was from my Serger bag that collects thread.

As your jar fills up, use a pen or chopstick to stuff the fiber down. A variety of fiber will make your job visually exciting.

Fill your jar to the very top with fiber. Then either insert the cork or screw on the lid. The top of my jar has fabric scraps from my t-shirt skirt.

Cut a desired length of ribbon to make a bow. Drag ribbon across a scissor blade to make it curl.

Tie ribbon around jar.

Now you can display a memento of your past crafty projects. Mine is in my living room. It makes a great conversation piece.

Craft on!


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